About us

In order to tell you about our company, I thought I had better start with telling you about those who set it up - myself and my wife, Anna. As my friends will tell you – I am completely passionate about music.

Music has always been an integral part of my life, first as a chorister, then as a professional singer, a conductor and now also as director of English Philharmonia. Anna has a background in communications and project management - the sensible one of the partnership so many would say! Although I am not so sure I would agree - she has been known to camp beside crocodile infested rivers, and sail across the atlantic with 3 strangers in a 30 foot boat!

Music inspires me, brings me joy and sometimes simply matches a mood. I believe that everyone can sing (don’t believe what they told you at school!) and that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in music – whether by listening, playing or singing – professionally or simply for fun. Life just isn't the same without music.
Our aim with English Philharmonia is to be able to bring you great new choral music and to provide opportunities for new composers to get their music heard. We provide a full package of scores, rehearsal CDs and recordings to help you make the most of the music.

Our first publication in 2010 was a wonderful collection of original Christmas carols by my good friend and long-time collaborator, Chris Williams. I have included these carols in my own concerts for many years now and it is a testament to their popularity that audiences and singers always leave wanting more. The response to these carols was so positive that we then went on the following year to introduce two new works: Tsunami Requiem and Gloria and two new collections: After Bach and The Cuckoo.  

From those early years we have expanded the range of music on offer and taken on new composers - whilst always adhering to our core passion for high quality and accessible music for all. I hope that these wonderful compositions will give you and your audiences pleasure for years to come.